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LEVELZ’ CD is out! The title is NEXT LEVEL…
download it free at

This is an excellent mixtape!!! Honestly. It’s officially released today (Happy Valentines Day, by the way!) Since I’m kind of an ‘insider’, I had the good opportunity to listen to it before it’s release…I’ve listened to it entirely several times, and it’s really worth your listening time! Lyrically, song-wise, and beat wise…I really like it. If you want a great song which you’ll instantly like, I recommend ‘Supawoman’ featuring YQ. You can also listen/stream the entire album on his site,

I managed to find this brief bio of Levelz, for YOU …

Levelz (born Debo Olaosebikan) won a nationwide rap tournament hosted by Jin (formerly of DMX’s Ruff Ryders and famous for being on BET’s freestyle friday Hall of Fame). In victory, Jin famously described Levelz (formerly known as D2dbo) as a “lyrical monster”. Since then, Levelz has steadily progressed as an artist, and recently, he performed at the Nigerian Consulate in New York. He is currently working on a PhD. in physics at Cornell University and sees music as a cool way to relate to his people, effect change but most of all keep them happy and entertained through whatever situations they are dealing with.

He is now getting set for a mid-February release of his first project: “The Next Level” Mixtape, which features YQ, Isolate and a few other talented artists.

Interested parties contact:
1-607-342-7948 (U.S.A),
234-8033579328 (Nigeria)

or reach out through the website,

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